The large carnivorus dinosaur was spinosaurus. this giant stood 14 feet tall and was 40 feet long. this colosiss weighs 14, 14000 pounds whitch means this dino was bigger than tyranosaurus rex. the odd thing is being the largest carniverus dino there was alot of peaple dont known  it even existid. the unforgent thing is that diring world war 2 the first complete skull was destored during a bombing raid in germany. the good thing  skull fragments are being found in africa sinitised suggest that spinosauruses skull look like a croc skull. for more info about this colosiss go to this link: \discovery/ spinosaurus

 Image source:BBC


we use population pyrimds to see how the population grows and sheiks over time. the large 10 year age group was the boys in 2006. the advantige to this is that if there is a lot of constution to be do the boys when there older they could do the job.  this group would need a lot of space and area to survive.

Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade was born on May 5 1960. Jeremy wade, a native of Suffolk England UK where he grew up on the banks of the Suffolk Stour. When he’s not catching monster fish for his TV show River Monsters, he has a zoology degree from Bristol Universality of Kent. He is also a secondary school teacher in biology. Some words I would use to describe him would be adventurous, fun, happy, thrilling and wild.

The most important accomplishment that Jeremy Wade has been successful with is when he caught a glyphis shark, which only around twenty other people on record have caught before. His travels have taken him to many lands where he has had the misfortune of catching Malaria, been jailed overnight as a suspected spy, almost drowned, survived a plane crash, had an Alaskan bear steal his fish. Also found himself facing the wrong end of a gun. Jeremy taught himself to write. He wrote books on poaching, fair trade, travel, natural history and fishing. At age 16 he was the youngest person on the British Carp Study Group. His first overseas trip was to mountain rivers of India in 1982 to catch a fresh water fish.

This is what Jeremy said his future plans were “I’m starting to dip my toe into British waters once again. This is quite exciting because I’ve been away from it, bar a handful of outings, for over 20 years. And quite by chance a small multi-talented team has come together to film the process. The problem is, these days if I see a fat carp snuffling through a weedbed I’m more likely to grab a camera than a rod. But I’m starting to get used to the idea again. None of us knows how it’s going to turn out, so it should be interesting.” One of the most interesting quotes he said was “fear has a useful function, it contraindicates the mind.”

some fun facts about Jeremy was that his most satisfying catch was a Goliath tiger fish because it took him 3 expeditions to catch. He was rammed in the chest by an arapaima witch cracked a couple ribs. One time when fishing in Alaska, a bear stole his fish right off the line.


I think the world would be better place with Jeremy wade because he study’s movement of fish and helps catch rare fish for scientists. And helps warn people if the monster fish in their backyard is  dangerous or not.


Image source: Jeremy with a Wolf fish