2012 in 60 seconds

I think the most important news story that happened in my video was the Colorado shooting.  I think it is the most important because of American gun laws someone gained access to a gun and killed a lot of people for no reason.  I think they should be a little more tougher on their gun laws and make them more strict.  This event happens in the theater that was previewing Batman in Colorado.  I heard on the news that there was Canadian Air Force veterans that were in the theater when it happens.  This is the most important event in my movie that I talked about

About a week ago Mr. Pepper assigned an assignment to us to make eight and Moto about 2012 in 60 seconds. It took me a while to find a lot of the events that happened in 2012. It took me about a week before I finish the assignment.the events that I sounds in the ends were the events that I thought best deserve to be in this video. Below you will find my finished product.


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