Poem assiment

Creature poems



Dog vs Cat


Playful, happy

Playing, running, smiling

Teeth, fur, ears, eyes

Playing, purring, stalking

Graceful, cute




Gentle Giant




Fast, hungry

Swimming, Shining,Swallowing

Gentle giant

Whale shark



The First Dragon Rider



The beast flies over me and then lands,

It stares into my soul,

The Beast approaches me,

The giant bows its head,

I jump on and take off,

I am the first dragon rider.

My book report

Raptor Red

The title of my book is Raptor Red which was written by Robert T. Bakker. The genre of this book is realistic fiction and there are 250 pages. I chose to read this book because it was about dinosaurs. There was also a lot of adventure and action scenes in the story. After reading the book I thought it was a good realistic book because the raptors have to fight for survival, there was no sudden mound of food. The raptor had to find food, fight for food, fight live prey, and scavenge for food. Overall I thought it was a great book.

The book took place in Upper Pangea where there were grasslands, forest, and alpine foothills. The terrain was very rough and unforgiving. The terrain was also prone to natural disasters. The main characters are Raptor Red, her sister and her offspring, and the young male. Raptor Red is a very strong and curious Utahraptor. She and her mate had trained each other to use strategy to take down much bigger animals than themselves. Raptor Red, her sister, the offspring, and the Young Male all have distinctive red snouts to identify if other raptors are there species.

Raptor Red`s sister is a very strict dinosaur who keeps a close eye on her offspring, but she can still be fun to hunt or play with. The offspring are fun, curious, and observant because they have to watch their mom to learn how to survive. The young male is a bachelor seeking a mate until he meets Raptor Red and he performs the courtship dance across a field. In the field there is a herd of herbivores.

The book begins when Raptor Red and her mate are hunting Astrodon. They successfully kill an Astrodon, but when they are feeding the carcass flops over and crushes her mate. Raptor Red feels grief and sorrow for her life long mate for one year and then moves on. She looks for a new mate, but there is a problem. She’s too skinny and full of ticks for any male to accept her. Along comes a male that performs the dance, but he is doing it awkwardly. When Raptor Red moves closer she sees little red dots. Those dot are ticks. Ticks back then were very dangerous. A couple weeks later she smells a raptor headed her way. her kind. someone she has met before… its her sister!

Her sister has three offspring with her. They decided to work together to survive. Early June comes and Raptor Red wakes up in the middle of the night like she often does, but something big is coming. She looks around and sees 30 Astrodon cows sprinting towards her. She wakes the pack. The Astrodon run right by her and she realizes why they’re running.

Behind them there’s a giant flood coming. The raptor pack starts to run but its too late; their swept up by the flood. The chicks jump onto her back and their mother`s back. Raptor Red is trying to fight the current and then she sees her sister. Her sister is going with the current to save energy. Raptor Red copies her sister. For three hours they go with the current until them find and big tree still in the ground. They climb the tree to get out of the current; up there they are safe.

They look down in horror as they see other dinosaurs that have already drowned. Raptor Red looks at another tree across from theirs and in the tree there is a young male. He performs the courtship dance in a tree! Raptor Red is very impressed. The young male decided to join the pack as they move west to escape the Acros.

Five months have passed and the pack is scavenging for food when Raptor Red finds one of the chicks laying down on a beach. The chick is not moving. Its dead. That chick had a two hour long respiratory infection battle and did not win.

The pack camps out on a beach. They all fall asleep, but they failed to notice the two Acros planning their attack. The pack wakes up to  find the female Acro running straight towards them. The pack splits up. Raptor Red runs for the water. The female follows her. The male on the land terrorizing the rest of the pack on land. Raptor Red is going to deep into the  water, she can’t touch the bottom any more.

The Acro is much bigger but Raptor Red sees something in the water, and it`s big! Raptor Red has figured out her plan. She has moved around the Acro so that its farther away from the land. WOOOSH. A huge wave hit the female Acro. Inside the wave was a Kronosaurus, a huge predator of the sea. The beast has pulled the Acro underwater and has begin to feed. The male saw what happened so he fled. The young male left the pack deicing it was to dangerous to stay.

The pack headed north hoping to lose the Acros by the cold. On their way up they bumped into a Brontosaurus. They tried to kill the beast for food. The beast has a strategy for the pack. As soon as Raptor Reds sister gets too close, WAAAK. The beast flung its tail right into Raptor Reds sister and threw her onto some rocks. She almost dead. Raptor Red find a cave to hide her sister in until she’s healed.

Two weeks later a huge pack of Deinonychus is about to attack. Raptor Red guards her the best she can, but there is too many of them. Then the young male comes back and together they defeat the rival pack. When they return to the cave they find out that the sister died. Raptor Red raises the two chicks until they’re old enough to leave the pack and search for their own mate. Raptor Red and the young male continue their fight for survival.

The characters did not seem like like real people because they were eating animals live,dead or rotting.The other reason is that they were picking targets to kill. My favorite characters are the chicks because they are always trying to be like their mom and sometimes its funny when they mess up.

The setting is throughout the northern pangea in the boreal forest area. They also crossed some swamps and grasslands. The terrain was very rough and hard to travel across. A river and ocean also crossed their path.

The storyline was very easy to follow because if it got confusing the book would refer back to a previous part. Also the book never got that confusing at any part. Overall I loved the storyline because there was a lot of adventure and action in it.

My favorite part is when they came across a snow hill and decided to play on the hill for a while. Then some Troodons come to play and they all have fun. Thats my favorite part because Troodons are my favorite dinosaur.

I would recommend  that my friends read this book because I read reviews and people said they didn’t know anything about dinosaurs and still understood the book. I also think that they would like this story book because it has was a lot of survival problems in it. I would recommend the book to ages 10-15 years old because I think they would understand the book more.